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Call your senators and demand that they pass the Build Back Better Act!

We are calling on the Senate to pass a budget reconciliation bill that includes an update to the “registry date” in immigration law, which would provide citizenship to millions of longtime immigrants who have put down roots here, who live and work in our communities, and who call this country home.

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North Carolina: State budget includes funding to raise the rates for HCBS and Intermediate Care Facilities

The North Carolina State FY 21-23 budget passed in November 2021 includes funding to raise the rates for Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) and Intermediate Care Facilities (ICFs), including a wage passthrough for the direct care workers employed in those programs.

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Chicago: All domestic workers must be given written contracts that include the wage and work schedule in the workers’ preferred language.

As of Jan. 1, 2022, all house cleaners, nannies and caregivers--regardless of their immigration status--working in Chicago must be given written contracts that include the agreed-upon wage and work schedule information — and be written in the workers’ preferred language.

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National Domestic Workers Alliance Statement on Build Back Better Future

We are disappointed to hear that Sen. Joe Manchin has reversed his pledge to President Biden to vote in support of the Build Back Better Act. This decision is not only a breach of the senator's commitments to the White House, but a denial of the urgent needs of working families in West Virginia and all over the country, who have sacrificed for far too long in a failing economy and an unrelenting pandemic.

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